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We have released six new songs by Namal Ududgama on iTunes Store.

Await the release of our first audio album featuring Nelu Adikari and Namal Udugama.

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We have released the revised second print of Tikiri Banda Saha Supiri Banda children's detective story. Check it out at the major bookshops in Colombo.

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Liyana Mahaththaya Windows Phone 8.1 App

Windows Phone version of Liyana Mahaththaya Sinhala, Tamil and Devanagari typing Windows software is now available on the Microsoft Phone Store.

Keep the South Asian spirit, type in the local script. Send your next phone message in Sinhala, Tamil, or Hindi.

Devanagari Writer is included in Liyana Mahaththaya Windows Phone App.

See details on our Software page.

Liyana Mahaththaya Windows 8 Metro App

Metro version of Liyana Mahaththaya Sinhala and Tamil typing Windows software has now been releaed as a freeware. Get it from the Microsoft Store. This is ideal for touch typing on Windows 8 tablets.

Devanagari Writer is included in Liyana Mahaththaya Metro App. Enjoy your Hindi typing on Windows 8 RT or Pro devices.

See details on our Software page.

Devanagari Writer Word Version 2

If you have installed Devanagari Writer Version 1.0, download and install the new improved version 2.0 from our Software page.

Innovative Typing Software

You know, Sinhala is a glorious language with a character set running riot. Tamil comes close, but may not be as riotous. All in all, even the best writers are quite hesitant to type in these languages.

Liyana Mahaththaya is our innovative technique for typing in syllabic languages such as Sinhala, Tamil, and Hindi. With Liyana Mahaththaya, you can type the copious collection of characters in these languages using a simplified phonetic keyboard and an adaptive numeric keypad.

Liyana Mahaththaya Word (LMU) is an Add-In to Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013 for typing in Sinhala and Tamil. Devanagari Writer (DNW) is an Add-In to Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013 for typing in Devanagari script.

Liyana Mahaththaya Office (LMO) is an Add-In to Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013 for typing in Sinhala, Tamil, and Devanagari script.

Devanagari Writer is included in Liyana Mahaththaya Office.

If you do not like Unicode typing, Simple Liyana Mahaththaya (LMS) is just what you want. It is a Windows desktop publishing application with essential editing features. You can save the document in rich text format (rtf). You can type in Sinhala and Tamil with Simple Liyana Mahaththaya.

Liyana Mahaththaya and Devanagari Writer are free for personal use, and for corporate use, you have to pruchase a licence at a nominal fee, after a trial period of 3 months.

Your computer must have Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating system and should be Unicode-ready for Sinhala and Tamil.

Install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for your Web Browser to try Liyana Mahaththaya typing on our Software page.

Softpedia has tested and confirmed that all our software are free of adware and spyware. Check the links on our Software page.

Video Equipment

We stock cine and video production equipment and consumables in Sri Lanka.

  • All types of lights and bulbs,
  • Stands and grip equipment,
  • Filters,
  • Li-Ion camera batteries,
  • And much more...

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